● Toyotama-hime Shrine●
Shrine with Oto-hime and Toyotama-hime in Ryugu-castle from Urashima Taro, a famous Japanese fairy tale.
Widely known for the ladies who wish for their beauties.
7 minutes’ walk from hotel Map


● Hot spring park ●
An open space for the foot steam spa and footbath for free.
Available hours
Foot steam spa: 9:00AM-8:00PM, Footbath: 24 hours a day
7 minutes’ walk from hotel Map


● Yukemuri (hot spring fog) park ●
An open space of Yukemuri (hot spring fog) from a hot spring source, which was previously gushed to the land surface nearby.
6 minutes’ walk from the hotel Map


● Todoroki waterfalls ●
11 meters high, triple-decker waterfalls.
Natural walking path and parks are around this area.
12 minutes’ walk from the hotel Map


● Torikabuto Nature Park and Life Science Research Lab ●
The conservational and source area of various living creatures.
This outdoor facility is commonly known for the rich water resources, which is important environment for ecosystem.
30 minutes by car Official Webpage Map

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